I would love to hear more from you this year

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December 16, 2016
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January 24, 2017
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I would love to hear more from you this year


Happy new year

I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. I realise that by the 19th of January, the year is rather old for some of us though still fairly new to a majority.
As is tradition with most of us, we are eager to make fresh starts at the beginning of every New Year. We have a lot of passion and enthusiasm to pursue our goals and projects, and especially those that we did not accomplish in the previous years. However, if you fall in the majority of the population, you know very well that January is a month of committing to our resolutions with a lot of emotions and conviction. Unfortunately, barely mid-month we are back to our old habits and we only realise that we did not keep our promises just on the eve of yet another new year. Science and research has shown that we fail to keep our resolutions because we make them during a very emotive and celebratory season when everything around us looks possible and everybody is laid back, as opposed to making them in a season when we are well grounded by the stark realities of life.
Anyway, I shall not delve in resolutions as I am well aware that many other authors and authorities in the matter have dealt with it conclusively and in good time. Mine is to welcome you to the year 2017 with a promise of sending articles your way on a regular basis. My request is that you and I get to engage with each other in the course of the year. I will highly appreciate your comments and suggestions and want to encourage an interactive online relationship as much as possible. I would love to hear from you as this will help me serve you better and also understand in the issues I seek to address in as far as Image, Etiquette, Personal Branding and Customer Service are concerned. It is my hope that the articles also help you build your brands whether in business, career or on a personal level. Your feedback on this will greatly allow both you and me to grow exponentially in the course of the year.
As we embrace the year 2017, I wish you all great health, love, laughter and success in all your endeavours. May this year bring out the best in you, in your career, in your businesses and in your personal life. And remember everyone is dealing with challenges that we might not be aware of, always extend kindness to those you interact with in the course of the year and beyond.

Wishing you all a truly prosperous year.

With lots of love and respect, yours truly.

Nkatha Ogutu

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