Humanity – the greatest of service

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February 23, 2017
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Humanity – the greatest of service



Heavy traffic jam was building up by the minute and so was my blood pressure. I needed to restock on groceries urgently. The faster the clock ticked, the slower the traffic jam moved – and my local grocery store was also coming to the close of the day in a few minutes. Fortunately the lane I was driving on opened up and the cars ahead zoomed away before the lights could bring us to a halt again. Soon I was parked at the first spot I got and rushed into the grocery store as they gently shut the glass door right behind me. ‘Phew! I sighed. I made it.’

There were 4 other customers picking their fruits and vegetables and soon we were all queuing at the pay point. Being the last on line, my mind drifted into space but was brought back by what I thought was such astounding practice. As the customers got their purchases weighed, some of the staff members at the grocery would bring in vegetables and fruits to the cashier. He would have a look at each package and after approving; the staff member would slide through the slightly opened door and disappear from the compound. The trend continued until I had finalised with my purchase. One of the staff members helped take my groceries to the car and I couldn’t help but enquire on what I had witnessed. He smiled widely and replied with so much glee that the gentleman at the counter would give them groceries every evening after work. The staff members would go through the perishable produce that would not make it to the end of the following day and choose what they needed to carry home. His work was just to ensure that they did not carry things that would last longer on the shelves but he did not dictate the item or amount. I was impressed by the generous gesture. Waoh! How charitable? What would be greater than the humanity he shared with his employees?

This gentleman had realised that humanity was so much greater than making profits and counting coins and notes at the end of the day. He was aware that if the staff members did not benefit from these products, neither would the customers – and as such loses were inevitable either way. Not only did he provide for the families of these men and women working for him through paying their wages but he also uplifted them in the least of ways he could by ensuring that they accessed fresh food stuff for their family on a regular basis. In so doing, the staff would dedicate their entire day to his work as they were assured of a meal at the end of the day. Likewise, the staff members would not engage in petty stealing as is characterised in so many other establishments.

A couple of weeks earlier, I found the staff members setting up a music entertainment system. They were all so excited and each of them was eager to play their favourite genre. It occurred to me after a few shopping trips that unlike many businesses, the music was not dictated by the owner of the shop. Each employee took turn to play their type of music. It wouldn’t be a wonder that the employees are some of the very motivated work force at this shopping centre – and long serving as well. But the greatest benefactor in this equation must be the manager and proprietor of the store. He must sleep soundly every evening, with all the blessings bestowed upon him from the prayers and gratitude from his employees and their families. His humility and generosity must be the reason his business has been successful over the years.

Success is really not measured by monetary acquisition or the number of assets but by the joy and fulfilment at the end of every day for touching another human being.

Have you been a blessing to another human being today? Share.

To Humanity!

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