Dressing For The Occassion

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May 27, 2015
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Dressing For The Occassion

Dressing for the occasion


So your friend calls you over the weekend and suggests that you accompany them to a party of an acquaintance. You are not familiar with the acquaintance or what the party is all about but since you do not want to let down your friend, (or you really had no other plans) you accept. You wear the closest and most comfortable outfit, slide into some weekend shoes and are on your way to the party.

One problem though………..when you get to the party, you realize that you (and maybe your friend also) are the only ones in jeans, a t-shirt and loafers. Ouch! You look totally out of place with everyone else all dressed up.

‘Well, we are here’, your friend tries to console you and make you enjoy your time at the party. But with every giggle round the corner, or with every ‘Hallo’, ‘Hi’ with a twisted smile makes you feel like the earth should open up and swallow you or like Dracula can cast a spell on all the guests and they forget they ever saw you.

Oh, well, as your friend or the host would put it, relax and enjoy the party. The earlier you are able do that (relax) the better for you because most people can tell when you someone is uncomfortable, and relaxing might just erase their formed opinions of you. In fact, if you become social and mingle, you might be surprised how fast they forget your dress mishap. You are allowed to excuse yourself in a joking manner but you are not under any circumstances allowed to put yourself down.

So how do we avoid such incidences and how do we ensure we show up ‘looking-the-part’ for future events?

  1. Always find out the details of the event. Is it a sports day, is it a baby’s birthday or dedication, is it a business networking forum? Be sure you have the details in advance and plan what to wear accordingly. If it’s an impromptu invite, enquire from the host.
  2. Find out the venue of the event. It could be outdoors, in a ballroom, a tent, a private apartment, hotel, etc. This greatly determines even the colors and accessories you wear.
  3. What type of weather is predicted for the day of the event? What time will the event take place and for how long?
  4. Who is attending the event besides you? What age brackets are expected to attend?
  5. Why have you been invited to the event? Are you the MC? Are you a speaker at the function? Are you just a guest? What is your role?
  6. Is there a dress code for the event? If there is, it is prudent to follow the host’s requirements because it is their event and they have their reasons for giving conditions.
  7. Is it an invite only event or can you tag along a friend? Be sure to ask the host if you plan on going with another guest to avoid inconveniencing the host and embarrassing your guest.

Am sure there are more tips on how to dress right for each event. Why don’t you share with us what we might have left out?

As always, looking forward to hearing from you. Nkatha Ogutu.

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  1. Washington says:

    I always took so much for granted while dressing up. this shed lots of light to what I should always consider. Thanks Emma..

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