Common Shopping Mistakes

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May 27, 2015
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Common Shopping Mistakes


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Sometimes I open my wardrobe wide and stare at the items for a pretty long period. Reason!…….I look hard and long for something to wear with a pair of shoes that I got on bargain or a pretty top that was on sale. Sometimes it is even a dress that I have no clue how to accessorize. Mmmmhhhhh!

Do you have such moments, when no matter how you wear a piece of clothing or shoes, or accessories, they just don’t bring out the best in you? Or did you just pick a piece from your favorite clothing/shoe shop and end up neglecting it or just donating it?

Well, I too have fallen victim of impulse buying and what’s worse, buying items without much thought of what I already have to compliment the new piece, or what I plan to buy on a later date to go with the particular item. It is a common mistake most people do and both women and men fall victim of this common shopping mistake. Maybe it’s not even that there is nothing in your current wardrobe to match it, sometimes it’s just that the shoe is uncomfortable or the dress doesn’t flatter your body type or that you were in such a hurry that you chose the wrong colour. Well, whatever the reason is, you end up making an expensive mistake because you will either not use the item or you will not be satisfied using it.

How do you avoid making these mistakes? Well, here are a few suggestions to help you shop right next time around:

  1. Avoid impulse buys. Even if there is a sale, if you had not planned to add to your wardrobe, it is likely the items you pick will not be the ones you would have chosen if you had taken the time to plan.
  2. Say you are an addicted impulse buyer, no worries; we have a solution for you too. Please TAKE YOUR TIME in the store. Do not rush through the purchase as this is more likely to get you pieces that look great in the store but not on you neither can they be worn together with your existing wardrobe.
  3. Always have a plan for the purchased items. Visualize what shoe to where with that dress, what clutch bag to match that shoe, what accessories to break the new suit. No matter how great it looks in the store, if you do not see it fitting with the current wardrobe or future planned wardrobe, DO NOT PICK IT.
  4. Know your colors and body type. (We offer consultation on color analysis as well as style analysis) Take your time to dress and check yourself out in the mirror before rushing off to the cashier. If there is no fitting room, request that you try them from the comfort of your home and return the pieces that do not bring out the best in you.
  5. Do not shop alone. Go with someone who will give you honest opinion of how you look in the new purchases. If you do not have company, ask the shop attendants to be candid with you. (But do not get upset if they do not agree with your views – after all you must buy what you are comfortable with because you alone will wear it).

Try these few tips and enjoy shopping as well as dressing up.  As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Nkatha Ogutu

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