Mayce’ Thayanka Image Consultant and Management Ltd was born out of enthusiasm and passion to create, empower and manage positively desired personal, professional and organizational image. Our corporate consultations and workshops ensure that employees are in line with the brand image of the organizations, look and act like part of a successful company in order to boost productivity and set you apart from your competition. At Mayce’ Thayanka we believe in the holistic approach to the “Best You” working from within to bring out your very best by guiding you through the transformation stages of discovery, definition and refining of your image. Thus our one-on-one consultations help you discover and redefine your unique personal style that suits your personality and lifestyle with ease and affordability creating the “Best You”.

Take a journey of self-discovery and share your fabulous moments with us.

Hatty Makandi

Executive Director

Hatty brings on board a vast experience on Image and Etiquette. With over 25 years under her belt as one with the finest elegant house for modern, unique and high quality apparel, designer scents and perfumes as well as exquisite accessories, Hatty has made a name for unmatched fashion statement. Her clientele have over the years boasted of unique and unduplicatable pieces that fitted each customer like a glove. Hatty's exquisite taste and preferences leaves one not only looking fabulously elegant but with confidence to conquer the world. Hatty now dedicates her time and energy to advising people on what best suites their body type in order to look their very best. Her charm and soft spoken nature gives everyone an unforgettable experience.

Nkatha Ogutu

The Founder

Nkatha Ogutu is a certified Image Consultant from the Blackford Institute, UK. She has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Marketing, Business Administration and Management from the University of Daystar, Kenya and an Executive Masters in Business Administration from ESAMI – East & South Africa Management Institute. Nkatha’s passion for image, grooming and etiquette spans over several years and is experienced by friends, family and sometimes strangers by her compliments and corrections for style, colour and etiquette. Nkatha believes in the all-rounded-person philosophy when it comes to image and strongly advocates that your overall outward look should reflect and balance with your inward persona. She believes that looking good must be accompanied by finesse in mannerism, exquisite grooming and etiquette.
Turning this passion into practice, Nkatha now helps girls, ladies and men gain more confidence in their personal and professional lives through defining image that is in line with their personality, style and lifestyle to create the “Best You”. Her zeal for unique styling is matched by an indisputable commitment of empowering her clients with confidence through creation of their signature image for their personal and professional success. Her warm personality and sense of fun coupled with her practical approach to image solutions will put you at ease and build confidence in your personal style. Whether is in identifying the colours that best suit you, updating and enhancing your wardrobe, or sharpening your communication and etiquette skills, Nkatha will assist you achieve your Image goal with ease and affordability. Nkatha believes that quality customer service throughout an organization is the strongest competitive edge a company can have against their competitors. She trains both executives and employees on how to acquire, manage and retain their customers through organised corporate talks and customer service and etiquette training.
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