Our Partners

Neelema Enterprises

Fides Kaari Metha Founder and Lead Team Builder - Neelema Enterprises Ltd.

Created with a passion to provide team cohesion and management solutions to businesses and organizations, Neelema offers unmatched team building activities that leaves participants refreshed, charged and resolved to work together. The teams friendly and fun approach to issues ensures participants are at ease and receptive to new ways of relating with each other and accomplishing set goals.

Global Networks Investment

GNI is a training company that empowers business owners and employees to create and manage their wealth by equipping them with networking and sales skills. GNI also carries out training on how to create and maintain career and business visibility through personal branding and customer service. We all aspire for growth be it in our professional careers, businesses or any area of our lives. GNI equips you with image and etiquette nuggets that sets you apart from your competition.

The Lead Trainers Include:

Peter Muraya

CEO Innovare Solutions, Reinvented
Partner and Trainer - Global Networks Investment

An economist by training with vast knowledge and experience in both sales and customer service, Peter brings on board a fiery passion to train and equip companies with up to date and practical sales and customer satisfaction skills. His trainings are geared towards sharpening the sales skills of employees, bridging the customer service gap and motivating their overall performance, a success that many companies have attributed to his style of training.

Nkatha Ogutu

Executive Image Consultant, Mayce' Thayanka Image Consultant Ltd
Partner and Trainer - Global Networks Investment

Passionate about image, Nkatha trains individuals and organizations to achieve their optimal by equipping them with the essential communication, branding and leadership skills. Her motto - 'there is more to image than just wearing a good fitting pair of pants'. She believes it all starts from within and that what we exude on the outside is just a manifestation of our attitudes and values from the inside.

Sarah Mbeti Karingi

Sarah Mbeti Karingi - CEO Sarma Enterprises Ltd
Founder and Lead Trainer - Global Networks Investment

Renown Queen of Networking, Sarah is an avid networker and entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in business. Her strongest value being honesty, reliability and integrity in business, Sarah believes that any business can grow into an empire if these three are at the core of the enterprise. She has a heart for networking and eagerly shares her own experience and successes that she has reaped through the practice. As such she trains entrepreneurs and mentors students and professionals with skills to scale the height of their dreams.

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