Your-sparkleThe stories and articles on this page are inspired by my own journey with endometriosis (spanning over 20 years) as well as the experiences of other girls and women going through endometriosis. They might not follow any chronological sequence as they are written to reflect different stages in the journey and each piece is triggered by one or other experience or memory. I hope it will be informative and educative.

The material here is not in any way meant to steer one into self – diagnosis or medication. Please be sure to seek proper medical guidance and care in case you suspect that you could suffer from the condition. Otherwise, welcome aboard the army camp of the endo-warriors and join me and other endo-sisters out there as we fight on to manage the disease and live a pain-free life.

Feel free to also get in touch if you require further information or would like to join a support group near you.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you.

Nkatha Ogutu

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