Pain triggers….part 2

As soon as I posted the article on pain triggers and their tried & tested solutions, I realised that I had left out the very most important solution of all times – our faith in God. What’s the pain trigger here? Doubt.


Doubt, disbelief, uncertainty, hesitation…..get the word? Endometriosis, just like any other chronic ailment can cause a lot of doubt in your abilities, can get your self – confidence waning, and cause hesitation when dealing with other people as you aren’t sure of their love and support. Endometriosis, for many women can be and is a long journey. And as is with many long journeys, you find that a few people get tired and drop off along the way. Not everyone rides with you to your destination. And this is the story of life. Some get on at the bumpiest stretch of the journey and stick it out till the end. Others get on during the smooth highway and when you approach the bumps, they decide to get off. We on our part have no choice but to go the entire stretch. We really have no choice as we cannot live our lives in somebody else’s body, we cannot borrow somebody else’s script. And so the best thing to do is accept, own it and hard as it may seem, make the best out of each part of the journey.

Dependence on other people for love and support is just one of the human basic needs. However before we can depend or love anyone else, we need to love and believe in ourselves. The second most powerful commandment is to ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’. You’ve got to do it for yourself first before you can be able to replicate it to your neighbours. And so we as endo-warriors must learn to love and be gentle on ourselves. If for some reason or the other, we do not have a strong support system, we should not get totally discouraged. We must draw strength from within before we can expect it from others. Endo-warriors are women of strength, but even the strongest of people have a breaking point. We must realise that taking in more than we can handle will break us and lead to frustration and stress and then aggravation of the condition. Each of us should know their threshold beyond which they must take a break or breakdown. You must know what works for you at each breaking point, a massage, a walk in the park, reading a book, watching a comedy or simply standing under a hot shower (my favourite).

But even before we get this far, there is one who commands us in Deuteronomy 31.6 to “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” What other fountain of faith and strength is better than this one? What promise could surpass the one the Lord our maker has made for us? What other refuge could be safer than His bosom? God knew us long before we got endometriosis; He knew the pains and procedures we would go through. And why is He allowing this to happen to us? I have no answers to that. Just as I do not have answers as to why He would allow someone else to go through Lupus, Diabetes, Autism, and many other ailments, or natural calamities. But He has given us His promise that he will never live us. He is by our side each and every moment and if we call upon Him and believe He will carry us through.

Whatever your faith is, I can attest that when you go before God, the burden always seems lighter, the future brighter and challenges look easier. For some reason, you even get solutions that you had not phathomed before, the clouding in your mind dissipates, your focus becomes crystal clear and you have immense inner strength and stamina that you cannot explain. God never tires of our cries, our pleas or our demands. We might not always hear His answers to our prayers from His voice, but through the Holy Spirit and other people, He sends us His love and support. He is the strongest of support systems because even when we run away from Him, He never runs away from us. He is where we are, and we can call upon Him whatever hour in whatever situation. He is not limited by time, by the traffic jam or a demanding boss. He will be there when you call Him and answer you even before you finish your request. His grace is sufficient for us all. You will not be taking up someone else’s time of request because you are spending too much time with Him. And you never have to feel like you have been at it too long either – the more time you spend with Him the better He feels.

So there you are. Now you know where to take your doubt and hesitation to. Now you know where the strongest support network you could ever ask for is. Now you know that there is a friend who stands by you in every situation, every minute of your life…..where best to be but by His side? Where best to take your pain and anxiety that to the Lord? Build your Faith and take it to Him who knows better than any other. Bless you all endo-warriors and all those who stand by us through it all.


Look above

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